Napoleon Consulting is an anti-bias organization. We are committed to increasing the diversity of leadership in our clients and helping them to create more inclusive environments.

We have clear monitoring and feedback mechanisms in place. We routinely collect and analyse data on the validity or our processes and their fairness with regards to age, gender and ethnicity.

We select and develop our employees include criteria on diversity and inclusion. We include diversity and inclusion criteria in our own recruitment process.
Our people all receive training in diversity and inclusion and we monitor the validity and patterns of every consultant’s judgements. Our consultants have independent supervision of their work by a third-party experts in D&I.

We routinely look at every step of our processes to examine how we can make them as inclusive, fair and accurate as possible.

We continually learn and adapt. We work in partnership with individual participants and our clients to constantly refine our practices and improve them. We acknowledge we may make mistakes, but we’re committed to learning and improving.

We have an open-source philosophy. We believe that diversity and inclusion is so important, we do not want to create any competitive advantage in this area. We freely share our learning and policies with others so they may adopt practices which increase diversity and inclusion.