“Rachel has supported us by bringing rich insights to our people decisions. Choosing the right executives and building strong, balanced teams are critically important priorities for our firm. Rachel’s professional expertise and judgement have been invaluable in developing greater depth and rigour across our human capital agenda.”
Operating Partner
Private Equity
“Rachel has been a great partner for me in building a fresh new Executive Team. We went through a “crash program” hiring 7-8 key leaders over 3-4 months. Rachel support in assessing the lead candidates has been excellent across the board: not just a deep insight to understand the candidates from the professional and personal angles, but also a very balanced calibration on how each individual would fit into the business and within the leadership team. I have always appreciated her personal judgement and advice. Two years into our transformation journey the team is strong and performing; we would not be where we are without Rachel’s support.”
Paolo Bertoluzzo
Group Chief Executive Officer
“Rachel has been a key partner building out a next generation leadership team for Verisure. She helped us topgrade our team, carefully assessing and advising on raw potential, applicable track record and most importantly the likely fit or otherwise with our culture and team working dynamics. Her talent made us significantly better.”
Austin Lally
Group Chief Executive Officer
“Rachel has become an expert adviser on both individual assessments, and on the wider talent building agenda. She has been able to balance insightful judgement based on a deep understanding of an individual’s drivers and experiences, with a full appreciation of the organisational context into which they must succeed. I have very much appreciated her wise counsel and her thoughtful ideas.”
Robin Mills
Group HR Director
Compass Group PLC
United Kingdom
“Rachel successfully helps us to recruit suitable top executives with a very high success rate to strengthen our team. She convinces with her extensive experience in management assessment and her data- and fact-based approach. We also value Rachel’s support in team and leadership development.”
Robert Hoffman
Chief Executive Officer